Letter To Theodore
Translated by Rev. Daniel and Esmeralda Jennings
SynopsisAntony encourages Theodore to maintain his repentance.

Antony to Theodore, his dear son: rejoice in the Lord.
I knew that the Lord has not done anything without revealing His feelings to His servants, the prophets.  I did not
perceive that it was necessary to indicate to you that which the Lord has revealed to me a long time ago. But I just
saw your brothers, with Theophilus and Copres, and God ordered me to write you what follows:

Many of them that adore Christ in truth (and this cannot be said in all the world), have fallen into sin after their
baptism.  But they have cried out and they have repented and God has embraced their tears and their repentance.  
Until the day in which I sent you this letter He has forgotten the sins of those whom have had that testimony. Read it to
your brothers so that they will rejoice to hear it.

Greet the brothers.  Also the brothers that are here salute you.  I pray that you do well in the Lord.