The world over some 175 million Christians
attend churches whose roots can be
traced back to the ministry of an Anglican
priest named John Wesley.  These include
the Methodists, Nazarenes, Pentecostals,
Wesleyans and Charismatics.  However,
most of these people know very little
about the amazing power that was
demonstrated in the life of this humble and
Christ-like individual.  Here, for the first time
in as much as 250 years read the
accounts from Wesley’s own journal in
which he records demons being cast out
through the power of Christ, individuals
falling down, slain in the Spirit while he
preached, supernatural visions, dreams
and cases of miraculous healing from his
own day.  Also included are Wesley’s
interpretation of the Baptism of the Holy
Spirit, his opinion on how to appropriately
view miracles and the final word from
Wesley on whether or not he had the gift
of tongues.
$7.95 + S&H
This book was recently chosen by the Pacific Northwest
Conference of the
Free Methodist Church for use in their
Holy Spirit Conference, Jan 23-25, 2006.
Read What People Are Saying

Daniel Jennings has compiled from John Wesley's Journal the primary accounts of his
encounters with the supernatural.
-Dr. Vic Reasoner, President, Fundamental Wesleyan Society

I was very encouraged too by being reminded that the scholarly John Wesley was well
acquainted with the supernatural power of God and that I also should believe that Jesus is
the same  yesterday today and forever.
-Bishop Emery Lindsay, Senior Bishop, Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

I took my first look into in-depth reading of your book, “The Supernatural Occurrences of
John Wesley”, while on a trip to Africa recently.  John Wesley was a remarkable man and
his teachings have influenced the thinking of the Church of God of Prophecy from its
inception…A job well done on your book.
 -Fred S. Fisher, Sr, General Overseer, Church of God of Prophecy

I was truly blessed and inspired by reading the book.  Thank you for taking the time to
compile such an insightful and inspiring book.
                           -Rev. Rick Robart, Pastor, United Methodist Church

The research is commendable and I find the organization helpful.  I believe it is a testimony
to the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in church history and confronts those who believe all
miracles and gifts of the Spirit ended with the apostolic age.  I would be happy to
recommend this work.
-The Rev. Alan W. Hansen, Director, Acts 29 Episcopal Renewal Ministries

You were faithful to Wesley's writings and your commentary on those writings was good. I
recommend it to others.
                -Rev. Gary Briden, President, Southern Methodist College

I had known of some of these incidences, but you did us a favor by pulling together so
many exciting accounts of the unbridled work of God in Wesley’s ministry.  I appreciated
too the accounts of Wesley calling into order those things that he truly believed were
outside the bounds of the teaching of Scripture.  
                                                -Faye Short, President, RENEW Network

I have read most of your book with interest. I must confess that I had not read most of the
stories and events that you have written about…I was a little surprised with some of the
findings in chapter 13 but not that surprises are bad!!
-Dr. Mike Weldon, Executive Director, Association of Independent Methodists

We need more books of this nature, that will clarify and challenge people today about John
Wesley and his theology, etc.
                       -Pastor William Thompson, Methodist Minister in Ireland